July 4, 2008

Change your life

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I reread in Acts where Peter had a dream after fasting 3 days where GOD told him to “rise, kill, and eat” and Peter says he doesn’t eat anything unclean, yet GOD reminds him not to call anything unclean that He has called clean, while at the same time Cornelius is told by GOD that He has heard his prayers and accepted his alms and to send for Peter. Peter wakes up and immediately realizes WITHOUT QUESTION that there is a GOD sanctioned change in his life and when Cornelius’ men show up to ask him to come, they rest for the night and leave right away the next day. When we just realize it’s GOD . . .HELLO. . . He change our lives, actually changing the way we do things. Peter maintained the focus on GOD different direction for his life and . . . well. . . here I am blogging about it. GOD can change all our lives if we just focus and KNOW it’s him. Love GOD and desire his will for your whole life.


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